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Episode One– My guest is Renata Murry, activist and beloved T.I. (targeted individual). We speak about the targeting program, the “non-lethal” microwave and sonic weaponry that is being used against activists and all those who would stand against the crimes of government, as well as introducing the concept of “organized stalking” where a person is systematically stalked by a group of people rather than the traditional way a stalker is thought of. Renata has her own talkshoe radio programs as well as developing an upcoming website, and is a brilliant and strong woman.

Episode Two– Renata Murry returns and she actually interviews me. We speak about the Michigan case I am interested in getting investigated, as well as talking a lot about my past as a satanist in relation to her beliefs being raised as a Christian. Renata’s numbers for her programs are 114616# and

Episode Three– Doug Millar, activist and a 20 year investigator in crimes against children, speaks about the link between Col. Michael Aquino, our government, and crimes of a satanic nature. A compendium of information, he details his research on the call and details his experiences with the Bohemian Grove as well, sharing his insight. His nightly internet radio program is on at 6pm Pacific standard time, and his phone number is 707-396-8215 and, like me, publishes this number publicly.

Episode Four– Doug Millar returns and details his personal experiences with Col. Michael Aquino. Furthering his explanations into his investigation, he gives a personal perspective of being involved with trying to expose some incredibly powerful people, esp. in his home country of Sonoma where the Bohemian Grove is located.

Episode Five– Omaha historian David Holland, author of “A Fragmented History of Omaha from 83″, the most highly read article on, talks us through a Halloween special as we discuss the history of serial killers who have either originated or have come through Omaha- most notably Charles Manson, and his connection to Boystown and E. Brandeis- who was a CIA connection and strong public influence on Omaha living at the time. Giving a historical look at Omaha serial killers, we discuss a case as far back as the 20′s, as well as detailing several in the past decades.

Episode Eight
– My guest is a good friend of mine named Jim, who knew and grew up with many of the same acquaintances as I, as well as attending many of the parties thrown in town. A “Baer boy”, he details his life as it was when he was a kid who hit the streets in Omaha when the events surrounding Franklin Credit were at their highest.Reminiscing about what Omaha was like when we were kids, Jim helps give a good and insightful perspective as to what Omaha life was like back as a child of the 80s

Episode Nine– DeJoly LaBrier, author of “All Together Now: A Multiple’s Story of Hope and Healing” which is sold, not only on but also on her website – details her life growing up as a victim of government torture, ritual abuse, and experimentation. As a survivor, she split apart with different personalities from the abuse, and had to find the way to healthy surviving as a result. Giving a personal, in depth interview, discussing the particulars of what it is like to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (once called Multiple Personality Disorder), she gives her insight in what life is like healed and looking back.

Episode Ten– Keely Dorran, accomplished Bay area artist, MKUltra survivor, and devout Mormon speaks not only of her past and her tribulations as a survivor of torture, but of undiminished faith in God and her Mormon beliefs. Listen as we discuss redemption, faith, and healing as we explore the similarities of what it is like to be a survivor although having different spiritual convictions. Giving her personal observations, she exemplifies a true Christian in the Mormon faith. Keely has a website on which her artwork can be viewed- and that is

Episode 13– 1st Hour- Doug Millar and Peter Tshchernoff speaking about the Kevin Collins Abduction and Murder
2nd Hour- Judy Byington, Neil Brick, Doug Millar, and myself speaking about our ongoing issues with the False Memory Foundation. Links provided at

Episode 15 Interview with Judy Byington, author of 22 Faces, and Felicity Lee- discussing the attacks from the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protector Squad.

Episode 16 I am being interviewed by Chuck of Vancouver, about my SRA abuse. *TRIGGER WARNING*- This is a hard interview- complete with details and yelling- and so please listen with care.

Episode 17 15 minutes caveat program talking about Episode 16 done solely by me.

Episode 18

On March 24th, 2013- I just completed an interview in which we speak in depth about Dissociative Identity Disorder- once called Multiple Personality Disorder. My guests are my sister Kathy, renowned author DeJoly LaBrier, who wrote “All Together Now”, DID survivor and warrior Felicity Lee, and Judy Byington- who wrote 22 Faces. We discuss in depth what DID is like, how it works, and how to survive with such a diagnosis. This is probably one of the best interviews I have ever had.

You can find the interview on my blog, or it is also on, under the ID number 123756, and it is episode 18 that this interview took place. It is full of fascinating facts and deals a bit with the complaints of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad. Please listen and enjoy as we spend 2 1/2 hours discussing DID and what it has been like dealing with such a diagnosis and prospering regardless.

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