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Hoaxtead’s Constant Droning About Hampstead

Yeah- Hoaxtead, the UK government- and all those surrounding those poor abused children were ALL involved with this mess. But let me point something out… Hampstead was SO NOT first. Melanie Shaw- Holly Greig- and most notably Shirley Oaks (which has HUNDREDS of victims)- along with all the others- THESE were the FIRST CASES the […]

Donald Trump’s Tax Returns…

Why do I want to see Trump’s tax returns? Because I want to see if there is TRUTH in the claims he has been donating to NAMBLA- The North American Man boy Love Association, for the tax write off. A man who hangs with and DEFENDS convicted pedophiles like Epstein has given MORE THAN ENOUGH […]

Checked Hoaxtead This Morning to See If They Answered My Three Questions…

NO ANSWER- but their argument of “I know you are but what am I?” is in FULL FORCE. And Spiny Norman- you can answer my question on Hoaxtead- because I am SO not letting your pedophile protector ass follow me around like you do others. And just because I have limited your access to people […]

Hey Hoaxtead…

Now that we have estabished that we are BOTH WELL AWARE of each other- I ANXIOUSLY AWAIT your answer to my three questions… Just as a reminder… Since we have definite evidence that the UK covered up allegations of MAJOR abuses against children in the 80’s- the three questions are as follows… 1). What exactly […]

So I am Back to Being Called “He Who Must Not be Named” on Hoaxtead Research

So ONCE AGAIN Hoaxtead is back to calling me ” He Who Must Not Be Named”- like I am fucking like some sort of Valdemort. You have a blog asshole- people read it. If you don’t like me posting your inane comments- stop fucking posting them dumbasses. And I notice you will bitch about me […]

Franklin Credit and Satanic Ritual Abuse is NOT What I am Trying to Get Investigated

After reading the comments on Hoaxtead Research this morning I feel that I should state for the record that I am NOT trying to have Franklin Credit re-opened. This Sonya idiot claims she has debunked me- but what I am trying to get investigated is MY FAMILY. And they know absolutely fuck all about my […]

Where Did the Pedophiles Go in Omaha After the 80’s?

That is an easy one. They flocked to BROWNVILLE NEBRASKA. Just like Tom Rudloff- owner of the Antiquarium- who, with his secret little room in the back of the bookstore- was HEAVILY INVOLVED in the trafficking of children. Of course- now that he is dead- Omaha is trying to rewrite who he really was…

This Pedophile Shit Has ALWAYS Been Hidden Out in the Open in the Gay World

Let me assure you- this pedophile shit has been hidden in the gay world- which is how they have been hiding it out in the open. THIS is ALSO why this LGBT stuff has been pushed so hard. Because it didn’t just STOP with marriage- but NOW- the lifestyle as a WHOLE is being shoved […]

America’s Current Protests

Women marching for women- blacks marching for blacks- cops marching for cops- but NOT ONE MOTHERFUCKER marching for children. I guess THEY don’t matter as much as everyone else. And these protesters wonder why no one gives a fuck about their problems. Maybe if you all marched for each other- but right now- you all […]

Regarding Yesterday’s Post on Mike Pence

I posted a couple videos made by some guy named Tori without watching them first and I now regret that decision. I was out of sorts yesterday and was seriously considering giving up on this mess- and I didn’t bother viewing the videos I was sent. I DON’T believe in reptilians or aliens or any […]