Checked Hoaxtead This Morning to See If They Answered My Three Questions…

NO ANSWER- but their argument of “I know you are but what am I?” is in FULL FORCE.

And Spiny Norman- you can answer my question on Hoaxtead- because I am SO not letting your pedophile protector ass follow me around like you do others. And just because I have limited your access to people who are following me doesn’t mean I am running from your stupid ass.

Mainly because I find you intolerably pathetic and NOT in the least bit scary.

But instead of trying to make it all about me with your name calling- how about you just answer the three questions posed to you.

Because it seems to me your focus on me is your sad attempt to deflect away from the questions at hand and people will eventually have to ask themselves why this is.

Of course WE both know the answer to that. Lol

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