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The Uphill Battle Facing Nebraska Volunteers Fighting Human Trafficking

Yesterday I attended a committee meeting on human trafficking held at Project Harmony- and although the meeting was well attended (over 70 people in the room), and though the facilitation was top notch- there is still an uphill battle facing those many people willing to put themselves into the mix in order to try and […]

I’m Back on Amazon

For over a year it has been held against me that I had been banned from this website- and it is true that I have not been able to post since- but according to the Amazon legal department- they have nothing in their records that shows they actually banned me. More than helpful- the lawyer […]

The Politics of Child Abuse- A Free Hour and 15 Minute Webinar

Retaliation Against Professionals Who Report Child Abuse By Katherine Hine

Retaliation Against ProfessionalsWho Report Child Abuse By Katherine Hine, J.D. INTRODUCTION Since before the time of Freud, professionals who report child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, have been subjected to various forms of retaliation. Although the 1970s produced federal and state legislation providing ostensible immunity to those who report child abuse, strong disincentives to reporting […]

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Child Abduction Cover-Ups at It’s Finest

New Amazon Posts concerning the recent constant Attacks on 22 Faces, Judy Byington, Felicity Lee, and Bluemoon by the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad

I am posting this group of Amazon arguments since Amazon won’t let me defend myself on their website- although they allow me to be bashed continuously. I felt that this group of exchanges is important- and so I wanted to put it on my blog for posterity. I am NOT the only one who got […]

Questions as to Whether the Westboro Grave Ritual, Documented by the Huffington Post, Occurred

Taking the pictures off the internet- this group of Amazon trolls now wants proof that the whole situation with Doug Mesner/Misicko happened. Although this was removed- I kept this post to show what I am speaking about… “Ac2012 says: Oh, Felicity, please, do present that piece of parchment written in blood that says that Doug […]

About Nick Bryant and The Murder of Peter Citron, An Amendment to Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

In my book Rabbit Hole, I speak about a low level player by the name of Peter Citron, a columnist for the Omaha World Herald, who went to jail for pedophilia during the “incarceration” phase of the Franklin Credit Union cover up. My mother’s best friend when they worked at the Sun Times, he was […]

Contrary to Popular Belief, Dissociative Identity Disorder is NOT always Indicative of Satanic Ritual Abuse

There is this huge misconception that anyone who suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder), once referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, must have gone through governmental mind control or some sort of satanic abuse. This simply is not true, but this idea is pushed by members of the false memory pedophile protection squad such as […]

Another FBI Raid for Human Trafficking… The Desperate PR Campaign to Hide the Truth of the Matter This article has several points of interests for me. Again- it focuses on girls- although the comment was “almost all girls”, which means, logically- that boys were being trafficked as well. As a male who was trafficked, I have an issue with men being left out of the equation- as it was MORE prevalent […]