Another FBI Raid for Human Trafficking… The Desperate PR Campaign to Hide the Truth of the Matter

This article has several points of interests for me. Again- it focuses on girls- although the comment was “almost all girls”, which means, logically- that boys were being trafficked as well. As a male who was trafficked, I have an issue with men being left out of the equation- as it was MORE prevalent in Omaha and Houston in the 80’s and the effects of such abuse on men are JUST AS DEVASTATING as those who are are women.

Second- okay- our justice department has said that “450,000” kids run away from home each year- compounded with 2,185 kids being reported missing DAILY- also reported by our justice department- and the kids that hit the streets as “throwaway kids” that go UNREPORTED- there are SIGNIFICANT numbers of children finding themselves involved with this- and have been for quite some time now. At least judging from the numbers given to us by those in the know.

So now the government entities want to be congratulated for saving a minuet number of victims when this activity is a multi-billion dollar business, and is connected to many other blackmarket activities that make the abduction of children an incredibly lucrative process, which is why people such as Christopher Barden, pit bull for the False Memory Foundation- has been able to pass so much legislation that has worked for the perpetrators and against the victims of such abuse. Here in Omaha- people such as Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers fought against more jail time for the perpetrators but FOR MORE jail time for the trafficked prostitutes concerning LB255 here in Nebraska- showing that our lawyers and politicians are doing what they can to PROMOTE this type of behavior rather than try to deter it. This is a sad take- because those who have sworn to uphold the law and protect our most vulnerable have done what they can to do just the opposite- and the effects on victims of such abuse has been so awful that that it makes one’s heart ache with compassion when you realize the injustice of it all.

Our media is trying to celebrate that our law officials are finally doing something against problems such as human trafficking- but I will tell you from my experience that this is a farce- and the truth is that they have been INSTRUMENTALLY INVOLVED with the other side of this issue for decades now- and the events that played out here in Omaha Nebraska and Houston Texas in the 80s and 90s are KEY examples of which I speak. Using the media to try and save face- these “rescues” are nothing more than a PR campaign to placate and pacify the people who are starting to wake up to the whole criminal conspiracies that have been hidden for so long. As such- when it comes to child trafficking- our government MUST BE LOOKED AT as being involved with these practices- as they have been going on for a myriad of years and it has been our own systems of government that have promoted and actively supported these type of behaviors, and the time for this to stop is NOW. The FBI, try as it might to say otherwise- has been instrumental in fighting to hide crimes against American citizens and our children- along with the CIA and other government entities that have been running secretly rogue for some time now. But all of this is now being forced into the light- and the time for all of this to be exposed has come. Our children are our future- and it is time that we start protecting ALL OF THE CHILDREN- for if we don’t, our society is doomed in more ways than one.

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