Contrary to Popular Belief, Dissociative Identity Disorder is NOT always Indicative of Satanic Ritual Abuse

There is this huge misconception that anyone who suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder), once referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, must have gone through governmental mind control or some sort of satanic abuse. This simply is not true, but this idea is pushed by members of the false memory pedophile protection squad such as Debbie Nathan in her last two chapters in her book “Sybil Exposed” which she entitled “Contagion” and “Containment”, where she flat out insists that Sybil- whose case happened 10 YEARS! before America had it’s problems with satanic ritual abuse, caused what the false memory people have deemed “satanic panic” although Sybil NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A VICTIM OF SUCH ABUSE. Claiming that memories of ritual and sex abuse are generally fabricated, this attempt to dismiss DID is one in which the baby is thrown out with the bathwater- and as a skeptic, I must look at this critically and wonder why such preposterous theories are being promoted when DID is, unfortunately, rather common.

It has been shown that out of all institutions we have as a society, the FAMILY is commonly the most violent- and continued and prolonged trauma has devastating effects on the child living through it. Dissociation begins because the child becomes desperate to separate themselves from the abuse- and pretending that it is happening to someone else is COMMON for self survival. Taken to extremes, this behavior breaks the child’s identity into separate compartments, which is the way an abused child safeguards themselves. Sexually acting out, drug and alcohol addiction, and a myriad of physical and emotional ailments are generally a result of such abuse- as the adult does everything thing they can to avoid looking back at the abuse and so they do what they can to escape the violations they suffered when they were vulnerable. Of course- you don’t have to be suffering from DID for this to be true- as I only suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder- which is another lesser point on the continuum of identity disorders and dissociation, and I DID go through MKULtra training and satanic ritual abuse- which shows again that the effects are personalized and reactions to severe, ritualistic stress and trauma are different for every child involved.

Comparing one’s trauma to another is like comparing apples and watermelons- as trauma is trauma for those experiencing it. Those who suffer from DID simply had a different way of coping with the abuse they experienced from childhood- as you can only develop DID as a child. A coping mechanism for those of us who have suffered through great trauma- this could include constant beatings, constant rape- or any type of violent ritualistic behavior that has to be dealt with daily during the formative years of our development. Dissociative disorders are often INDICATIVE of BAD PARENTING- and we all have to keep this in mind when considering such things, which is why the false memory pedophile protection squad is out to destroy victims while safeguarding the abusers- all while they try to discredit such things as DID in the media and such.

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