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A Reply to Scientific American’s “Brain Stains” About False Memory and the Sheri Storm Story

So the Sheri Storm that left a review on my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story without reading the book first has quite the history herself- which is detailed in a Scientific American issue published on Wednesday, October 2, 2007 and written by a Kelly Lambert and a Scott O. Lillienfeld entitled […]

An Interview with deJoly LaBrier

This is an interview with deJoly LaBrier, who has dealt with and overcome Dissociative Identity Disorder. She explains the disorder and what it is like to suffer from it.

New Comments on Amazon Left By Myself

“Things that matter most should not be at the mercy of things that matter least.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   This is actually the reason why I am in here basically- because I think that Sybil is small potatoes compared to what I am dealing with- and the issues that I am dealing with […]

Sent to Me : Another View on Debbie Nathan, Author of Sybil Exposed

Here’s another view on Nathan. Unequal Author(s):Melissa Farley Unequal* Melissa Farley August 30, 2005 (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women) This article was written in response to Debbie Nathan’s ‘Oversexed’ (Nation, August 29, 2005). Nathan sympathizes with those on the Left who consider prostitution to be a form of labor rather than violence against women. Nathan […]

Women Alledge Satanic Abuse Memory Implants   Personally- I think that it is true that some people can be convinced of anything. However, I do find it suspect that all of this is getting the media attention that it is at this point in time, and, knowing the history, can’t help but think that the False Memory people have a […]

Dr. Suraci/ Sybil/ and the Huffington Post A great review on Dr. Suraci’s book, and one for the good guys when it comes to understanding Sybil and DID.  This issue is important in that some are trying to use Sybil to dismiss satanic ritual abuse at the same time.  As my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story will […]

Debbie Nathan and her affiliations with the National Center for Reason and Justice. (You gotta read what these people do!)

I stole this off the Wall Street Journal book review section on Sybil Exposed- I felt it was important to share. When wondering if there is an agenda to Debbie Nathan’s book, it is important to look at the author’s affiliations. Here are some of Nathan’s: According to a12/11/11 NPR article “Seizures Hurt Memory, Ex-‘Times’ […]

New Entry on Wall Street Journal review on Sybil Exposed These issues matter because there is a definite push to discredit claims such as mine in the media, despite the issues of child abuse inundating the nightly news. By the False Memory definition, had that assistant coach not walked into the shower, seeing Sandusky and a 10 year old, since there was not cohoberation […]

New Comment on Amazon.Com about Sybil Exposed

I want to add my post this morning, as it pretty much details my concerns about what is happening with regards to Sybil Exposed and the False Memory Foundation purporting that she is the one who caused our nation’s history with satanic panic. The arguments in there are many- and much has been detailed in […] Therapist accused of implanting satanic memories

I left the following comment at . Having seen a therapist for over a decade now- I have to wonder what kind of ninny lets their therapist have so much control that they allow themselves to be convinced about their own reality? There are bad therapists- just like there are bad doctors, bad dentists, etc. […]