Debbie Nathan and her affiliations with the National Center for Reason and Justice. (You gotta read what these people do!)

I stole this off the Wall Street Journal book review section on Sybil Exposed- I felt it was important to share. When wondering if there is an agenda to Debbie Nathan’s book, it is important to look at the author’s affiliations. Here are some of Nathan’s:

According to a12/11/11 NPR article “Seizures Hurt Memory, Ex-‘Times’ Reporter Says” by David Folkenflik:

“[Debbie] Nathan is an advocacy journalist who argues that federal laws on child pornography and child sexual abuse are too strict. “Sex is such a highly charged issue in our culture that — particularly when it comes to child sex abuse — people are very irrational,” Nathan says. “Many people are convicted who are innocent, in my opinion.”

“Nathan’s stories… failed to disclose a key affiliation: She is a board member and donor for the National Center for Reason and Justice, a not-for-profit group that distributes money to help the legal filings of people it says have been wrongly convicted of child sexual abuse. The center distributes about $100,000 a year to their legal defense. Among the recipients of this aid: Father Paul Shanley, the most notorious figure in Boston’s Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.”

A look at the National Center for Reason and Justice webiste also reveals that Carol Tavris, the author of this review, is also a board member.

I wonder if the Wall Street Journal knew they were publishing a review by a biased source?

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