Look for “A Survivor’s Project” to be Up and Running in Early 2012

A group of survivor’s are working on finally developing “A Survivor’s Project” , in which we are going to ask survivor’s to come forth and tell their stories.  There are more of us than any of us realize, and it is working through this together as a group that will bring the healing that is needed in the world right now.  Each of us have a voice, and each of our stories are important.  The time to share is now, as the world needs to become more enlightened in order to stop the same injustices from occurring in the future, and I am asking all of you out there to start considering what it is you would like the world to know in order to effectly incur change throughout it.  Together, we can change the world, we just need to believe in ourselves.  More info will be posted the closer we get to manifesting this project.

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