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A Response to David Pakman as to Why the Founder of the Satanic Temple Needs to be Scrutinized

He has a history of shutting down ADULTS who claim they were abused- so why wouldn’t he employ the SAME tactics he uses now if children get abused who get caught up in the Satanic Temple’s “Satanic Afterschool Daycare”. Nazis and Satanists have historically ALWAYS gone hand in hand with the other. And the timing […]

They Were In My House This Morning

Why bother to call my local police- and I don’t know how they shut my cameras down. But they know ive been reaching out and they want to stop me. And this is a conversation someone is trying to get me into out of the blue this morning … It’s like I’m dealing with some […]

An Email to My Local Law Officials

I don’t know how it will happen- but I know it isn’t and it’s NOT going to go how they planned. These men are just cogs in a much bigger group. But they are ALL accountable for ALL of it. That’s the thing about allegiances. They are binding….

A Video for Satanic Temple Founder Lucien Greaves About the Tacoma Power Substation Attack

  And it seems this person is against Doug Misicko aka Doug Meaner aka Lucien Greaves – founder of the Satanic Temple- but if you go into this account- you find exactly the opposite… This is called “controlled opposition”.    

A Review of Crimes My Family Were Involved with That I Have Spent YEARS Trying to Get Investigated

This is a quick review of everything I have tried to get investigated… My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen: What Was and WASN’T Said Email Exchange with the Nebraska State Patrol John B. Wells interview on Jacob Wetterling Remembering When They Blew Up the Gas Station Across the Street From My […]

Considering the Bust in Germany of Qanon Trying to Overthrow Their Govt- the Jig is up That It’s CIA

Funny- seems that all that has been hidden in the dark is all being brought out into the light. This is just the beginning.

1st Qanon Leader Outs Himself as a Pedophile, NOW Qanon Tries to Overthrow German Governmen

    <span;>Which of course is what the CIA is KNOWN for. <span;>But don’t believe what you see and hear- just believe what you are told. Ignorance is bliss as the say I suppose, although that has NEVER been my experience. Oh, and this… But she isn’t me, obviously. But trust me when I […]

New Video- Leader of the CIA based Group Qanon Outs Himself As a Pedophile