A Response to David Pakman as to Why the Founder of the Satanic Temple Needs to be Scrutinized

He has a history of shutting down ADULTS who claim they were abused- so why wouldn’t he employ the SAME tactics he uses now if children get abused who get caught up in the Satanic Temple’s “Satanic Afterschool Daycare”.

Nazis and Satanists have historically ALWAYS gone hand in hand with the other.

And the timing of Qanon trying to help overthrow Germany’s govt, and the attack on the Tacoma WA power stations, and Doug Mesner’s appearance on Fox News- is just BEYOND coincidental.

It needs some scrutiny…

And this is Doug Mesner at the grave of the late Westboro minister mother’s grave, taken by the media, when he did this weird production to make the dead woman a lesbian in the afterworld.

THIS is who they think is acceptable to be around children with his “Satanic After School Daycare” bs.

And just so there is no question whether my local authorities are informed…


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