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I Don’t Know if This is Connected

My Chief of Police is in a mental facility ( my guess is drug rehab), Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple, begs me to stop- and now this

The Founder and Leader of the Satanic Temple Just Can’t Stop

The Threats Are No Longer Veiled

Doug-As Much as I Appreciate You Begging Me to Stop- I’m Only Doing What I Was Trained to Do

  And it has ONLY BEGUN. Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-You Can SAVE Your Bribes, Coercion, and Threats Oh, and Doug- I’ve told you repeatedly the ONLY audience I care about is YOU AND YOUR HANDLERS. And I can tell that you all are suddenly starting to grasp the fact that I have been […]

New Email From My Local Sheriff

My local chief of police is in a mental facility and THIS guy is the one who helped them cover up their murder attempt of both me and my sister when they blew up that gas station in Earling. But whatever happens is gonna happen. My reply

Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-You Can SAVE Your Bribes, Coercion, and Threats

I thought it was you but the MOMENT I said I wasn’t trying to expose the Temple of Set but rather the Satanic Temple- and you went from bribing and trying to coerce me that I realized it was DEFINITELY you who I woke to this threatening attack on me this morning. This video is […]

Woke To a Veiled Threat on Twitter

Brand new account- maybe set up just for me… If I was really crazy- why would they bother? THIS was their follow up. And this was mine… Then it got weird And then it gets real

Mankind Has Been Judged- and Has Been Found Wanting, Esp if Zelensky Is Right and Putin is Dead

This video speaks for itself. A word to my opposition- if Zelensky IS correct and Putin is dead- then your side has lost and you are all aware of it. Places can’t be interchanged- and you can’t just change things mid flow just because you lost. All that work- all those promises- mean NOTHING now […]

It Never Stops But…

My Experiences with Directed Energy Weapons and My Training and Trauma as a Child and It’s Results

The extended version of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story- which can be found on Amazon… This is the proof of Directed Energy Weapons…