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The Problem I Have With Senator Ernie Chambers and the Rest of the So Called Investigators of Franklin Credit

The first time I ever spoke to Mr. Chambers was when I was first beginning my investigation into my family and our background and I called him on the phone. Briefly listening to me, he told me to drop it- as “they” would have me committed, drugged, and then would throw me off the roof […]

The Straw Man Arguments Forming Against the Validity of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

A “straw man argument” is one where you come up with an outrageous lie and hold your opponent accountable for it. An example of this is Col. Michael Aquino declaring that he hasn’t conspired with aliens from outer space, or abducted anyone unto a space ship although the allegations- at least where I am concerned, […]

The Reality of Male Slavery- Human Trafficking at It’s Finest

It disturbs me that many people associate human trafficking and the sex trade just with women, as it extends far beyond that, and is much seedier than most would like to consider. In a previous video I posted entitled “Boys for Sale”, it shows the propensity that many pedophiles have for the flesh of young […]

My Interview with Karen with FreeRangeHumans Concerning my History with SRA and MKUltra

CLICK on a SEGMENT to Listen or Download from BlogTalk Radio:–david-shurter-01 Born and raised to be the antichrist Buried Alive Brother was 2nd unnamed Franklin Scandal photographer–david-shurter-02 Blood Ritual Sacrifice “Happenings” at Hummel Park in Omaha Mind Control Programming under Col. Michael Aquino at Offutt Air Force Base CLICK to view drawings by […]

My Sister Kathy Being Interviewed About Our Past History By Karen of FreeRangeHumans–kathy-01 Heart Surgery Living 50 yards from Offutt AFB Brother David conceived through rape–kathy-02 Happenings at Hummel Park Being Drugged RUN FOR YOUR LIFE Games at Baer/Brandeis House Suicide Programming Torture The Quiet Room Blood Ritual Sacrifice Child Sacrifices–kathy-03 Investigation – Why They Wont Open this Can Of Worms. It goes all the […]

Free Range Humans Radio

My interview with Karen- great interview series! She asked the questions- and I answered. Stay tuned for another part of the series to be uploaded in the next day or so that has my sis telling her side of things. Who says there is no corroboration among survivors? Listen to internet radio with Free Range […]

The Connection of Child Trafficking in Texas and Nebraska in the 1980’s

When most people think of child trafficking- they picture women in the sex trade, but in the 1980’s, not only was there a huge market for boys in Omaha, NE- but the same type of behaviors were happening in Houston, TX. “Boys for Sale” is a documentary that was produced in the early 80’s depicting […]

New Concerns Regarding the Diagnosis of DID- Sent to Me This Morning Via Email

I believe that this push to discredit Dissociative Identity Disorder is due to the fact that our government wants to keep this under wraps- basically because DID is CLOSELY related to extreme ritual abuse, like that which was implemented in the MKUltra program, and the powers that be think that if they can disregard the […]

A Declaration from an SRA-MKUltra Survivor to Other Survivors of the Same

Years ago, ex Nebraska senator John DeCamp called what I went through as training for “psychic warriors”, and I have yet to find a better way to express it. A disinfo conference being held in Los Angeles this summer calls us Super Soldiers, but that doesn’t adequately describe what we went through and why- as […]

Jeanette Bartha, Critthink, and Karmakaze Are Trolling Around on the Internet Making More Issues for Everyone Talking about 22 Faces

I wanted to put in the link- although this group has become wise finally and have decided to post and then take down their posts so that the only ones they end up harassing are the people reviewing 22 Faces by Judy Byington. This all started because it was commented that although I have been […]