The Connection of Child Trafficking in Texas and Nebraska in the 1980’s

When most people think of child trafficking- they picture women in the sex trade, but in the 1980’s, not only was there a huge market for boys in Omaha, NE- but the same type of behaviors were happening in Houston, TX. “Boys for Sale” is a documentary that was produced in the early 80’s depicting the same types of problems that I and many others have reported were occuring here in Nebraska, this just happened to be in Texas.

Let me remind everyone that the republicans were in power at that time, and I do not find it coincidental that Houston had the same problems that Omaha had, considering that all of those who were in power at the time were highly connected. The similarities to the case in Houston and what was going on in Omaha are UNDENIABLE, and therefore needs to be considered when viewing the big picture of what was happening in our country during this time in history, when the sale of young boys was prospering, which basically set the structure for our future problems with human trafficking within our nation’s borders.

Dr. Tom Philbott, the gentleman who brought all this to the attention of the public on this video supposedly committed suicide sometime after- which I also do not think is coincidental.

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