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And the Memory Wars Wage On- by Virginia Hughes on National Geographic This article is interesting. The comments even more so. My memories of my abuse were never repressed- although I have had the same argument waged at me. As a child I never felt safe enough to come forward- as an adult I wrote a book entitled Rabbit Hole and since have had a group […]

We Are Looking for Donations for the Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation

I am trying to raise money for the Ivory Garden Conference this October on Trauma and Dissociation for survivors of abuse and would like to ask those who read my blog to donate for a seriously good cause. Please go to and click on the paypal account on the sidebar and make a contribution. […]

Judy Byington’s (Author of 22 Faces) Examiner Articles on SRA, Ritual Abuse, and Child Trauma http://www.examiner .com/article/are-the-queen-and-global-elites-supporting-child-exploitation-rings

Amazon Trolls- Showing they are In League with My Stepmother’s Family

This shows that the pedophile protection squad is in league, or trying to be- with my family. This particular poster is guilty of posting on Amazon a video link where Felicity’s 12 year old daughter was dancing- in order to intimidate her and try to make her back down. This poster is also Doug Mesner/satanist […]

Left on Amazon by My “Half Sister” Joanne Shurter and My Brother’s Daughter Christina Marie Shurter/Blumbkin With a Reply From Both Myself and My Older Sister Kathy

  UPDATED… There seems to be an argument on Amazon on my book as my “half sister”- who is actually my brother’s child- is leaving crap on my Amazon reviews. Claiming she want’s to be left out- this is what is being left on my book site. She came after me- although she is on […]

A Prayer for Michael Holcomb and His Beautiful Family

Today the world lost one of the most wonderful individuals ever. I was honored to know Mike, to be his friend and his neighbor. He was fixing his car, which had broken down on the interstate, when he was hit and killed by a semi. Leaving a beautiful wife and three wonderful children- he will […]

It Has Come to My Attention that the Pedophile Protection Squad is Working With My Family

I shouldn’t be surprised that this group of trolls has accessed my family- and that they seem to be working with them in order to discredit me. At the start of this conference- my half sister and daughter of my stepmother Joanne Shurter wrote Felicity a series of emails bashing me and trying to get […]

Message to Sheri Storm- (False Memory Poster Child) and the Rest of the PP Squad

Sheri Storm is one of the poster children for the false memory foundation. She has been trying to sue her therapists now for decades for millions of dollars for claiming that they convinced her that she ate babies. She left a biting critique of both Felicity and myself on Amazon- and I wanted to put […]