And the Memory Wars Wage On- by Virginia Hughes on National Geographic

This article is interesting. The comments even more so. My memories of my abuse were never repressed- although I have had the same argument waged at me. As a child I never felt safe enough to come forward- as an adult I wrote a book entitled Rabbit Hole and since have had a group of people viciously and relentlessly attack me. It makes me wonder what child would be strong enough to endure such a thing. As an adult, I have found it difficult to say the least- and I know that I would not have had the strength nor the compunction to come forward at a young age.

Satanic ritual abuse is ALL about human trafficking. That is essentially what was happening at the presidio and McMartain- although most of the time it gets left out that 7 other daycares- including a Long Beach Catholic Church were also involved in the area with the same charges.

It seems to me that people expect children to document their abuse when it happens- and keep evidence like Monica Luinsky (sp.) in order to prove it. People who abuse kids play a lot of head games with the kids to inflict fear, guilt- and worse shame in order to control the child. To say that we aren’t able to remember adequately our memories of abuse is ludicrous- and only helps the perps retain their anonymity and protection.

Loftus lost a lawsuit which took her out of Washington and into Oregon which most people just ignore- and is taught in schools as what NOT to do with clinical applications. Here first experiment leaving a child in the mall would not even be allowed by today’s standards. The False Memory group claims that people do not remember their past’s adequately- however- some of us were so filled with fear and shame that we kept quiet out of necessity. Some of the comments in here show why- and it takes a special kind of adult- let alone child- to come forward and tell of their abuse when the backlash for doing so is so harsh.

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