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A Post About James Randi- Where the Pedophile Protection Squad Hangs Out and Plans

The truth about American Sniper from an Iraq combat vet Marine

The American Way of Supporting Our Troops- Why I Think “American Sniper” is a Propaganda Attempt

Reading the comments all over the web today regarding the new movie “American Sniper”, I am more convinced than ever that it was made as a propaganda attempt by Republican Clint Eastwood. More than that, I have to say that it is working. Saying anything disparaging about Chris Kyle has become as UN-American as it […]

You Are More Powerful than the State Would Have You Believe-

Remington Alessi January 20, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) In the time since Frederick Douglass said that “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” over a century and a half have vindicated him in his declaration that “It never has, and it never will.” This is because, unfortunately, despite the best propaganda money can buy, the United States historically […]

Considering What Is Happening in America- We Should Be Anything But Proud

America has become fascist. No doubt about it. Below is an article where Bill Cosby, who has been accused of drugging and raping women, is now getting standing ovations. We honor a man accused of rape- because we want to celebrate his humor and in doing so we completely disbelieve the women. If it was […]

Why I Am So Afraid for America As It Embraces the Philosophies of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American philosopher who developed a concept called “Objectivism”. Nothing more than an extreme version of “social Darwinism”, it extols the virtues of greed and personal achievement by promoting individual happiness as the only moral imperative and making money the only “noble” achievement of man. Discounting faith completely- it goes further to […]

United Nations Rights for Children

Article 1 Everyone under 18 years of age has all the rights in this Convention. Article 2 The Convention applies to everyone whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from. Article 3 All organisations concerned with children should work towards what is best for each child. […]

Some Articles About Pedophilia and Penn State- The Fight to Normalize the Raping of Children It seems to me that society is almost always willing to overlook child sex abuse. Children don’t seem to matter- and the Huffington Post article above shows that we are more concerned with football than we are about children being raped. Given time, the abuse of children is almost always overlooked- and it […]

Some Examples that Show Child Trafficking is Happening in America Today … showing on Netflicks now

My Opinions on Those Who Are Publicly Connected to the Franklin Cover-Up In the past decade, I have dealt with almost everyone who claims to be trying to expose the events surrounding a failed savings and loan called Franklin Credit and it’s involvement with a child abduction and sex trafficking ring. Having been asked to comment on the above article and talk about my experiences with […]