Considering What Is Happening in America- We Should Be Anything But Proud

America has become fascist. No doubt about it. Below is an article where Bill Cosby, who has been accused of drugging and raping women, is now getting standing ovations. We honor a man accused of rape- because we want to celebrate his humor and in doing so we completely disbelieve the women. If it was just one or two- I guess you could disregard the allegations, but close to 30?

Of course our leaders are no better. The same men who claimed that our nation doesn’t torture people are now going on and on saying they would gladly do it again. Of course they would because they made billions of dollars through our wars. Of course- proven to be liars, the “facts” that caused us to go to war could easily be put in question. However- no where is there an outcry in America. In fact we have just dismissed the whole situation, even though this constant war machine has driven our economy into the toilet while making the men who pushed the issue inordinately rich.

Then we have the propaganda machine making heroes out of liars who like to kill. American Sniper has grossed millions, but no where has anyone discussed the fact that Chris Kyle- who the movie is based on- was a proven bullshit artist. I haven’t read his book- nor have I seen the movie- but reading the comments being left all over the web- it is obvious to me that it is inspiring hate in many people who see it. Much like the Nazi’s did in World War II, we seem to have this need to glorify ourselves despite what the true facts are.

I wrote an article about Ayn Rand this morning whose philosophies we are following as a nation- at least our Republican leaders anyway. Funny enough the woman, who was against helping the sick and poor, died broke and on government welfare. This doesn’t seem to matter to those who embrace her ideologies though, who agree that “Greed is good”. The problem is that the small faction who believe this are running America. Again- no one seems to care.

Those same people who are feeding the population lie after lie are also behind our mass incarcerations of public citizens. Making money any way they can- we now have companies getting paid billions of dollars for locking up people. Funny enough, it seems that Adolf Hitler was NOTHING compared to our current regime. Controlling public perception through the media, the only thing missing is the TRUTH.

These are just some articles that were sent to me on Facebook TODAY. These are the stories that NEED to get out to the public. And so I have linked them together on my blog so that those who don’t live in America- who constantly check out my blog- can see that not every American is ignorant and lacking of compassion. It should be obvious to everyone that we are NOT the good guys in the world- and that our nation and it’s leaders are basically out of control. I don’t have any ideas on how to change this, in fact I don’t really believe there IS any hope of change. We back liars, rapists, and thieves and it is by the fruit of our actions that show this. I have fought voraciously to stop the sex trafficking of children on this blog, but I am beginning to realize that the problems extend much deeper than I thought. Somehow somewhere down the line we have, as a nation, lost our souls- and as the truth comes out as it is, it has become blatantly obvious to me that we- as a people- are setting the world up for another Nazi Germany. Except this time, there is no one who will be able to come in and save the day. May God have mercy on our souls.

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