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If I Should Die on a Plane Today

Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves has been employing our governments DEW weapon on me at intense levels- knowing that I have to board a plane today to go face a set up with this protection order today so if I happen to have a heart attack or stroke on the plane just realize […]

The Earth is Shaking- Something Bigger is At Play Here

Deny God all you want but something other than mankind is in control right now…

Doug Mesner Or One of His Group Taunting Me

Sending me an email today through an email with MY name… I say it is happening- he says he is doing it- there is undisputable proof these weapons exist- and still there is no help to be found… This was sent after he watched my new video. Weird how proud he is causing another torment- […]

This Video Goes With My Post Yesterday

You Need to Ask Yourself Why a Nobody Such As Myself is Garnering So Much Attention from Trolls

You Need to Ask Yourself Why a Nobody Such As Myself is Garnering So Much Attention from Trolls

People are probably wondering who I really am- considering all the tripe that is out there about me. The articles, the video’s, and the army of trolls- all of them anonymous – who claim to know everything about me who are over eager to tell everyone what they think of me. The question I have […]

These Are The Readings In My House After My Two Videos Yesterday

This is the Sound That is In My House

And obviously since an ap on my phone can pick it up- it isn’t just in my head…

EMF Readings in My House This Morning

They obviously didn’t like my post yesterday but it wasn’t only the truth- it was logical. The only reason I can say that I’m still standing is that our Father seems to be helping me. And considering Billy Graham just died- and Fiona Barnett called him out as one of her primary abusers like Anthony […]

It Has NEVER Been About Satanism or Devil Worship But Rather the Abuse and Rape of Children

Let me be clear- the issue is about abusing children and has little to do with devil worship although it is that aspect that is used to dismiss this evil practice with children. Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves aka John Kilrush aka whatever has spent his entire career discrediting victims of severe […]

EMF Readings After My Two Posts Today

Again- emf stands for electro magnetic frequentcy- and a safe level is under 50 and as you can those in my house are not even close…