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EMF Readings After My Two Posts Today

Again- emf stands for electro magnetic frequentcy- and a safe level is under 50 and as you can those in my house are not even close…

Just Discover Doug Mesner Somehow Put My YouTube Channel Back Up

I thought it was gone but I accidentally hit a button to find it was all back up. So I manually deleted the videos except for a few. This dude will stop at nothing to try and set me up. But good luck replacing them since I just manually deleted most all of the videos. […]

Could the Fire at Legal Aid in Lincoln NE Be Connected to This Child Trafficking Mess? It COULD just be coinsidence- but the fact that a fire just took out the Legal Aid floor in Lincoln NE- and ONLY the 8th floor at a time when people are talking about what happened in Omaha in the 80s can’t help but raise red flags for me. The fact that the fire […]