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Exactly WHICH American’s Do You Think They Targeted?

And why after 12 years do you think these weapons are still secret?

They Are Targeting Fiona Barnett As They Are Me

They threaten and harass and work with our families that were involved in order to silence us. Our only crime was trying to expose this group that murders children. And it is never about what we reported but rather they focus on character assassination and threats against us. As well as anyone who supports us. […]

Doug Mesner Now Claims He Was Posing As Micheal Aquino

Mesner uses the name Kilrush- as he gets a rush from killing. But all he is is Aquino’s buttboy. But it is nice he admits to fucking with me. And since it hasn’t stopped- obviously he isn’t bored with me. EMF stands for electro magnetic frequency- the result of their DEW weapons- (directed energy weapons), […]