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Investigating Child Killers is Something the NE State Patrol has CONSISTENTLY Refused to Do for 12 Years Now

My Spiritual Perception

A Spiritual Explanation of Sorts…

Or you could go with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves of “I believe in everything and nothing all at the same time” and the famous ” I am an atheist and a satanist at the same time as well”. All his shit is contradictory and makes no sense to anyone […]

I Tweet VICE About Doug Mesner and They In Turn Promote Him

I Speak About Jacob Wetterling

In Response to Allegations I am a Child Killer

So NOW I Guess the Reason I Have NO Criminal Record is that the Police are Too Soft On Me

A Simple Truth About Child Trafficking

Craig Sawyer Seems to Be Continuing His Attacks on Me

So Those Trying to Murder Me Sent Me an Offer Today- Here is My Answer