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Evidence that Hoaxtead is Working with Abe Christie Directly

Today this comment was left on the Hoaxtead site… and the same person left this on several of my YouTube videos… So the very people who are seemingly going against Abe Christie are also one defending him on my YouTube stations. So how does that work? It seems to me that they are working in […]

In Regards to this Argument that My Anger is Unjustified or that I am Thriving on Negativity

I want to deal with this whole issue that people have with my anger and this argument that I am thriving on negativity- which is being used by the people who are directly against me. Let me remind everyone that God himself has wrath. Anger is normal. Alan asked me what I was trained to […]

The Games Hoaxstead Plays…

“The interview with Ed Opperman, which was to have catapulted Abrella into the stratospheric realms of internet stardom, has instead become an albatross around their collective necks. And it looks as though they’ll be carrying some of their most fervent supporters with them: Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Guidance/Code 2222, and Olu Essien Popoola all look set […]

Today’s Backlash from Posting This Mornings Homophobic Pro Hitler Argument from the Hampstead Supporters Mafia

So I guess I was suppose to let this group abuse me and then not say anything. They are the victims in their opinion because I exposed their crap- but are not at any way responsible for saying what they said. This next conversation is inundated with satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greave’s crap- but I feel […]

These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

Got attacked this morning by supporters of Ella ad Abe in a secret group about Hampstead on Facebook. If there is any question that the group supporting the children has been infiltrated- it has been removed after they went on and on supporting Hitler. But don’t take my word for it- read it for yourselves… […]

Ella and Abe and Some of Their BS Against Me

John Graham Response from Ella + Abraham an hour ago: “We have been aware of David Shurter as a cointel disinfo shill for a while. This was confirmed when he lied about knowing Tavitrained Charlotte Ward/Jaqui Farmer, & then staged a fake public falling out with her in a “secret” Facebook group in order to […]

An Amusing Article on Hoaxtead About Me I was sent this today and wanted to comment on it. Not that I generally like to feed trolls- but this group has the same arguments that have been directed at me by the false memory pedophile squad here in America so I thought I would just answer some of their slams against me. […]

The Games People Play Concerning the Cult with Regards to the Hampstead Case.

Since I did my interview with Ed Opperman about the Hampstead case- the games have become quite intense- as have the attacks. Since yesterday- it has gotten 64 thumbs down- but according to Ed- they aren’t listening to the interview but only spend a minute leaving nasty comments and marking it as a thumbs down- […]

After My Interview with Ed Opperman on the Hampstead Case in the UK

I have been somewhat amused at the reactions from my interview last night with Ed Opperman and have decided that I probably should deal with some of the things being said in order to clarify. First- Ed Opperman didn’t do this interview out of “revenge”. I actually called him and asked if he would interview […]

New Interview with David Shurter on the Opperman Report