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These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

Got attacked this morning by supporters of Ella ad Abe in a secret group about Hampstead on Facebook. If there is any question that the group supporting the children has been infiltrated- it has been removed after they went on and on supporting Hitler. But don’t take my word for it- read it for yourselves… […]

Ella and Abe and Some of Their BS Against Me

John Graham Response from Ella + Abraham an hour ago: “We have been aware of David Shurter as a cointel disinfo shill for a while. This was confirmed when he lied about knowing Tavitrained Charlotte Ward/Jaqui Farmer, & then staged a fake public falling out with her in a “secret” Facebook group in order to […]

An Amusing Article on Hoaxtead About Me I was sent this today and wanted to comment on it. Not that I generally like to feed trolls- but this group has the same arguments that have been directed at me by the false memory pedophile squad here in America so I thought I would just answer some of their slams against me. […]