An Amusing Article on Hoaxtead About Me

I was sent this today and wanted to comment on it. Not that I generally like to feed trolls- but this group has the same arguments that have been directed at me by the false memory pedophile squad here in America so I thought I would just answer some of their slams against me.

First off- nothing they present are actually facts but just personal slams against me and any survivor. They present nothing but copies of things I wrote- and then they all take personal jabs at me thinking that they are showing facts- when really- all they are doing is presenting opinions that are the same old crap that the pedophile protection squad does here. It is like they play from the same playbook. The article doesn’t say anything but again is just an opportunity for them to entertain themselves with what they consider their wit. The only thing they present about themselves is their numbers they are supposedly getting- and this isn’t a screen shot but something they easily made up. If the numbers were as they say- why not just take a screen shot? What they present is a joke- any 4th grader could have done it for a school project.

As far as the comments- let me deal with a few of those…

First- they all present themselves as victims. They are anonymous because they are scared. The big bad survivor group will come get them if they actually say their names. They are all over the web attacking everyone they can- but they are afraid that if people actually realize that they are protecting pedophiles- a mob will descend on them I guess. Whatever. Sounds like a bullshit excuse to me. They have so much to say but they say it from the dark.

The UK has a PROVEN HISTORY of a cover up dealing with an elite pedophile ring, but they avoid this fact like they plague. They make it all about killing babies- (which was NEVER a part of my abuse as a child- we didn’t kill babies nor did my older sibling.) It is funny this is what they focus on. Not children getting sold for sex- nor any of the other accusations that have come forward about children in the UK being sex trafficked- but ONLY babies.

Then- they call out Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Lucien Greaves article about how I support pedophiles in my past. Funny that they are using a self proclaimed satanists work against me. Mark and Walt- as I have said- may or may not have been pedophiles. I didn’t see it. But even if they were- they certainly were not the only ones. There was a great deal more going on in Omaha with elite pedophiles- and Mark and Walt were used as fall guys by Harold Anderson- who OWNED AND OPERATED THE ONLY NEWSPAPER IN TOWN- who was ALSO CALLED OUT as being involved with the cult and raping children. Again- this escapes their attention- or they deliberately focus away from it. Can’t have a competing opinion on that site- you are either in total disbelief that child sex trafficking is happening- or you are a “nutter”.

They also attack Fiona Barnett. WOW- SURPRISE- THEY ARE ATTACKING YET ANOTHER VICTIM. Fiona’s work stands for itself. But the claim that because we are speaking out actually hurts children is ludicrous. They go after EVERY CASE THAT COMES FORWARD dealing with child sex trafficking- but then they want to say that THEY are the real advocates. Survivors coming forward are the bad guys- they- who always call them liars- are actually doing everyone the good service by quieting down any survivor who comes forward by- again- CALLING THEM NAMES AND PERSONALLY ATTACKING THEM.

” If they want it to stop, all they need do is to fall silent. An apology would also be nice.” THIS IS OF COURSE WHAT THEY WANT AND ARE TRYING TO MAKE HAPPEN. To make every survivor silent and just keep things going as they are. Of course- we all see where that has gotten us.

They all say that they are stating facts- but then just go into insults and show what the other side is saying. Of course- I think that this group is working in CONJUNCTION with Abe- so take it for what it is worth.

LOL- they are afraid of being slandered- so what they do? THEY SLANDER everyone else. If you can’t take the heat…

Then they go and say that the other side isn’t using real names either. Of course- it is for the very same reason they don’t. This group has a history of seeking people out and trying to quiet them in any way they can. This whole false memory bullshit that claims child sex trafficking doesn’t exist has done it for 30+ years.

It has also never been about money for me. Yes- I published a book. But money wasn’t the object. And considering what I have spent to what I have made- anyone can see that. Then they say that I am giving it away but no one wants to read it. How would they know that? They don’t. Again- it is just another personal slam- in order to amuse themselves. Doesn’t have any truth to it- but it doesn’t stop them from going on and on about it.

Ed didn’t get irritated with me at any point in the interview we just did. In fact in the end he thanked me profusely. Obviously they didn’t listen to anything other than what they wanted to hear. And we talked WAY more about other things than Hampstead. None of which they mention. Guess it doesn’t fit their agenda.

And this quote- taken straight from the satanist Doug Mesner’s article…

““It is great being such an abject failure in my life. I have fucked everything up – accomplished nothing- and lost everyone. I wish I wasn’t such a loser – and that people who know me loved me- but that isn’t the case” – David Shurter

Was written in the throws of my divorce- which was one of the most painful aspects of my life. I was lost at the time- and incredibly disheartened that a 20 year relationship had crashed. Doug used it against me- as did this group- showing that they are the most heartless and shitty people there are. It was written at a time of great despair- and you can see that in what I wrote. But they- like Doug the ugly satanist- like to use anything they can to hurt people- and then go on to laugh about how clever they are.

And THESE are the type of people you trust and want to have around your children? THEY are the ones who are speaking out to help children. They even call Hollie Gregg- a down syndrome girl who claimed abuse and was diagnosed with an STD from that abuse- a liar. They have no boundaries- and obviously- as much as they would like to say otherwise- NO COMPASSION FOR CHILDREN OR ANY DESIRE TO CARE ABOUT THEIR WELL BEING.

All they are is a bunch of nasty trolls who have a lot of opinions to spout and nothing to give in the way of human decency or compassion. And let me point out- they are all together- in a group- like the trolls they are- attacking INDIVIDUALS together like some pack of rabid dogs. And they entertain themselves and find humor in how nasty they can be, esp. when it comes to survivors and children.

If I were them I would stay anoynomous as well- cause they are right. If people actually knew who they were- I don’t think they would have the balls to go on and on like they do. People don’t like pedophiles. And they like people who protect and promote pedophiles even less. And if this group is known for anything- it is just that. A group of rabid dogs- all getting off on helping to defend child rapists. Of course- they would say that this isn’t happening. So that makes it okay.

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