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Pedophilia enabling follows around GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Sasse, NE

Pedophilia enabling follows around GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Sasse, NE publication date: Aug 27, 2014 US Senate candidate Ben Sasse: Would you trust him around your children? Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nebraska Ben Sasse, already struck by allegations that he helped cover up the sexual abuse of underage male […]

Concerning A Review on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story / My Reply to the Attack

Exploiting the tragedy of child abuse – superlative example! By Vindalf on February 22, 2014 Format: Paperback Rabbit Hole by David Shurter, is the best example of someone heartlessly exploiting the tragic topic of child abuse for their own self-promotion that I have ever seen. Everyone should read this book, or at least the free […]

Living in the End Times- Could It Also Be New Beginnings?

A new day is being herald in and whether that be a good thing or bad is philosophical at this point as it is coming upon us regardless. Some say that these are the end times- and that we are all doomed to fail as societies tip over but I worry that this has become […]

Targeted Individuals as Perps

This past Sunday- while my ex roommate James Lico new roommate was over here “mending bridges” with me- James Lico was instant messaging my older sister on Facebook- giving her a link to click on so that she could listen to Renata Murray’s Sunday Talkshoe show. Funny- James Lico has written a lot of disparaging […]

Stories About the Mass Graves of Poor Children Around the World.

More Conversations on Amazon with Gordon As He Gets them Deleted

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 7:14:35 AM PDT Gordon_bydand says: You’re the one who makes accusations, liar. I have facts. Facts about this book that “SRA” pushers (aka liars) like you can’t answer, which is why you resort to accusations. Last edited by you 5 hours ago LoessJedi says: and getting […]

The Campaign to Bully Authors on Amazon who Talk About Surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse

Arguing with the likes of Gordon on Amazon is an act of futility- as they deny all their inappropriate behavior and work at getting any retort to their accusations deleted. However- I want to show that there IS a campaign by the False Memory “Syndrome” Foundation to attack and silence all who would try to […]

A “Conversation” Between the Anonymous Gordon and Myself on Amazon

Gordon is all over my book- constantly calling me a liar, crazy , and more- although tonight he admits he has never read the book. Of course I caught him in several lies tonight so what anyone should believe is a good guess. Sorry that the conversation rates right up there with a grade school […]

New Interview With Stephen Roberts on Cancel the Cabal 8/1/2014