The Campaign to Bully Authors on Amazon who Talk About Surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse

Arguing with the likes of Gordon on Amazon is an act of futility- as they deny all their inappropriate behavior and work at getting any retort to their accusations deleted. However- I want to show that there IS a campaign by the False Memory “Syndrome” Foundation to attack and silence all who would try to come forward and talk about satanic ritual abuse. Most of the arguing that I have been involved with has been on Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces. Last night I posted some of the typical conversation- which Gordon has gotten Amazon to remove- at least all of what I wrote. His ugly accusations stand- as if he is the only truth teller out there. Of course- calling someone names and then getting their defense deleted is deceptive at best- but it is typical of what this side has been like. Threatening me with jail for arguing with them- which is what Murphy has done claiming that he is a lawyer- has also been typical. This group of people will stop at nothing to try and persuade people to believe their lies- and Gordon is a perfect example of that. They claim there is no campaign of attack- and yet the FMSF newsletter shows something entirely different.

This is a call to arms in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s 2012 newletter.

Dangerous Book: Twenty-Two Faces

FMSF News Alert – October 23, 2012

Introducing J. Bean and Dangerous new book

Dear FMSF Friends, I have a new volunteer assisting me in sending regular notices to FMSF members. J. Bean has been a friend of the Foundation since 1992. Future updates may come from email address You might want to add that address to your “trusted senders.”

Judy Byington, therapist and author of the book “Twenty-Two Faces” is to be interviewed on the Dr. Phil Show next Wednesday, October 31st. “Twenty-Two Faces” is the story of Byington’s patient, Jenny Hill, who claims to have developed Multiple Personalities after having been abused by Jewish Nazi Satanists, as well as by her own parents. The book chronicles Hill’s “recovering memories” of this hidden past in therapy.

Journalist Doug Mesner has written an interesting review of the book, entitled When Therapists are Lunatics. Mr. Mesner has also published an open letter to Dr. Phil in the Examiner, urging skepticism.

If you wish to offer the Dr. Phil Show your opinion of this content, contact information is available here:


J. Bean

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