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Where I Stand Within the Survivor Community

When I set up this GoFundMe campaign- I did so as a test. I wanted to SEE what would happen, and unfortunately just what I knew would happen DID. Doug Mesner and his stupid “satanic temple” raises 100’s of 1000’s of dollars- so much so that they were able to build an 8ft bronze statue. […]

David Shurter Speaks Directly to the Order

If Assange is Still Alive and In Full Command as the Washington Examiner Claims- Why Doesn’t He Just Come to the Window and Show Himself?

All this hype- first with a speech he gave in 2012 reported as NEW- NOW we are expecting a “statement” from Wikileaks- when the EASIEST solution- if he were still alive- is too simply come to the window. But he can’t- because he is dead- which explains this campaign of lies that has followed his […]

Julian Assagne and His “New” Video Speaking from the Grave

Last night someone sent me this link- supposedly showing Julian Assange giving a speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy- BUT THIS MORNING- I was sent THIS… “This speech apparently Published 21st October 2016 Is the same speech I found on the internet delivered on Monday 20 August 2012 00.52 AEST Last modified on Thursday 11 August […]

Muslim Rapists…

In America- we GLORIFY and EPITOMIZE murder and rape as we celebrate with it each night on our televisions. There has been no better way to get man to sin than by barraging him with non stop entertainment- and it has helped turn all of us into something that we never should have been. We […]

On “Eatting Babies”…

What is so fucking hard to understand that these people DO NOT EAT BABIES? They make FAR TO MUCH MONEY selling them! Get a damn clue…

My Message Redefined…

You know- maybe I should put my message in language everyone can understand… You all WILL be obedient and do as you have been COMMANDED to DO- and LOVE- or you will SUFFER. HORRIBLY. Pious? Sanctimonious? I don’t give a fuck. THESE ARE THE TERMS- and NONE of you have the option to take it […]

Kiss Your Asses Goodbye

Yesterday I did a Shamanic journey to go find Julian Assange after finding out that they shot him as he had his hand across his heart, saying the pledge of allegiance- but I had NO IDEA that they had ALSO murdered Edward Snowden. That kind of tipped me over the edge. Just to let all […]

Max Spiers, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden

What do these three men have in common? They are ALL DEAD. The crap flying around now about Max Spiers is sickening- as people are RACING to try and take his place and use HIS work to set THEMSELVES up as THE ONE. According to Vanessa Bates- Max’s mother- the coroner she had look at […]

A Word for The Order

You bitch all the time about burning witches- let me show you how Heaven does it. You will know what I am speaking about when it happens.