Muslim Rapists…

In America- we GLORIFY and EPITOMIZE murder and rape as we celebrate with it each night on our televisions. There has been no better way to get man to sin than by barraging him with non stop entertainment- and it has helped turn all of us into something that we never should have been. We are in an up-rise against Muslims- and yeah- this racist bullshit COMING FROM EVERY FUCKING SIDE is REALLY getting old- but really- in the scope of it- our culture is no less parasitic than theirs- and right now- THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND is acting like a group of depraved delusional monkeys and seem to be to stupid to even BEGIN to comprehend as to how much they suck as individuals. If it is true that Muslims are rapists- and who knows- maybe a lot of them are- OF COURSE they are going to come to America- because if our justice system and American culture has taught us anything- it is that we LOVE rapists- esp. CHILD RAPISTS- and if they come here- they won’t face any consequences. I mean- right now- NO ONE IS. Why wouldn’t every pedophile in the WORLD come here- because for them we have become BETTER than Thailand.

So maybe it should read- We shall take your rapists and your murderers, your pedophiles and your degenerates- because we- in America- understand you and, although we might not like you- we will tolerate you- BECAUSE HONESTLY WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU. Come and be one of us…join in the fun.

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