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My New Interview on SpingolaSpeaks

Conversations about Noreen Gosch, Franlin Credit, and John DeCamp…

This is AMAZING- the Dialogue is FINALLY Beginning…

VITALLY IMPORTANT INTERVIEW on with John B. Wells and David Shurter

Published on Aug 22, 2016 This is perhaps the most important interview I have given to date- and I am totally grateful that John gave me the opportunity to just talk and say what I needed to say. “Caravan to Midnight is a nightly radio program like no other! Hosted by John B Wells […]

My New Interview on William Ramsey Investigates

**TRIGGER WARNING** I speak specifics about my MKUltra abuse among other things… And if you decide to take a listen, be sure to subscribe to William Ramsey’s YouTube station for further incredible info on the REAL world around us.

Latest Interviews- On 8/20/2016 I Will Be Talking Specifics About My MKUltra Training

So to let you guys know- I am able to release my new interview with John B. Wells from Caravan to Midnight on Monday. But ONLY the audio. So you can at least hear it, although you may want to check out and check out his site- cause he is a brilliant guy. Okay- […]

John B. Wells Interviews David Shurter on Caravan to Midnight

I had an interview with John B. Wells today- and it will be aired at 10 Central time. I am even on video. Lol.


The thing is about the Fallen- who some refer to as “demons”, is that, as a child, I could never help feeling sorry for them. Their interaction with the cult was basically as performing monkeys really. The cult would do all this shit and then EXPECT them to do what they were COMMANDING them to […]

Satanic Panic

Satanic panic= When a book (Michelle Remembers) got therapists WORLD WIDE to get together and convince all their clients that they and/or their children had been satanically ritually abused, and for some reason that has NEVER been determined, decided to cause a panic that occurred in the US, the UK, and Australia- just to name […]

A Question for All of You

What is worse, do you think? This pervasive evil that is raping and killing children and causing the complete destruction of mankind- or the cowardice and apathy that is allowing the evil to florish unabated? Because I can’t find the distinction myself.

The Cult, MKUltra, CERN, This “War with Heaven”, and the Facts to the Matter Where Mankind Is Now