Satanic Panic

Satanic panic= When a book (Michelle Remembers) got therapists WORLD WIDE to get together and convince all their clients that they and/or their children had been satanically ritually abused, and for some reason that has NEVER been determined, decided to cause a panic that occurred in the US, the UK, and Australia- just to name a few- to come, at the EXACT SAME TIME, WITHOUT the help of the internet, as it wasn’t around then- under some sort of global mass hysteria where we enacted a witch hunt- fought off by a group of rich white people who had been accused of these very same crimes by their children- (except the one who went on a UK interview and said how great it was for children to have sex with adults and how society just needs to get over itself coincidentally at the same time that people in the UK government were advocating for the age of consent to be lowered to 10). This- IN TURN- infected the law officials, who were over zealous in their questioning the victims- ALL THE WHILE the rampant prostitution of boys was occurring in both Omaha, NE (Conspiracy of Silence) and Houston, TX (Boys for Sale). Does this pretty much sum it up?

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