The thing is about the Fallen- who some refer to as “demons”, is that, as a child, I could never help feeling sorry for them. Their interaction with the cult was basically as performing monkeys really. The cult would do all this shit and then EXPECT them to do what they were COMMANDING them to do. I understand their hate for this world and its leaders. There was no one who saw the depths of depravity in mankind more than they. But Heaven’s love knows NO BOUNDS- and as much as it disturbs people to think about- the Fallen being embraced back into Heaven has healed EVERYTHING. The grace that is upon us- although it may seem awful right now- has amazing things in store for the faithful. Faithful in what you may ask? Well- simply WHAT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT- faithful to LOVE.

Oh- and all you “demon worshipers” out there. Those you found so helpful in the past are now working at the behest of Heaven- so I don’t think you are going to find them so enthralling anymore. Sucks to be you- but at least you got a chance to experience what it was like to do as thou whilst. Now you get to experience the cost of that decision.

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