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Just Keeping a Record

My Blog Got Hacked- and the Extended Version of My Book Was Edited- Here is the Real AND the Fake Version

I posted this in it’s entirety years ago- but recently someone got on my blog and changed it. Confessions of an AntiChrist- Extended Version of Rabbit Hole This is what I wrote. It is 287 pages- 96,814 words. However- after I discovered a post missing every screen shot of the replies Doug Misicko aka Doug […]

Notice How This Child Trafficking Ring in Florida that Involves Matt Gaetz Has Faded From Public Media

When is the last time you’ve heard about Ghislaine Maxwell- the socialite connected with Jeffery Epstein? It is as if it is all disappearing- as if the investigations never even existed. But then- now we are hearing how the FBI botched the case of Larry Nassar- who molested all those US gymnasts, so it is […]

This “Havana Syndrome” BS DOESN’T Originate From Cuba and is The US Government’s D.E.W. BS

D.E.W. = Directed Energy Weapons. Our government owns the patents. The fact that our media lies about it and acts like they don’t know what it is is one of the reasons why people don’t trust the media. It is a torture device they are using to torture and shut up dissenters- straight out of […]