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New Video- Dealing With the Free Range Humans Article- My Side

Dealing With the Free Range Human’s Article A few things I missed. This Free Range Human woman contacted ME- not the other way around. I had only spoken to her for a short while before Zachary came out to film my documentary. She set HIM up- convinced me he was bad- and I told him […]

It’s THIS Kind of Thing that Got Lucien Greaves’s Pedophile Protection Squad to Make a Video Calling Me a Super Sorcerer

Matt Gaetz- this video should interest you. What I claim in this video, in my past experience, will become self-evident sooner than later. But I wait with bated breath. LOL. Just saying. Oh, and it is NOT that I haven’t done what I explain in this video before- to a LOT of people. I just […]

I’ve Never Published Two Videos In One Day Before

Right Before They Posted On Twitter that the Police Had Been at My House- THEY WERE IN MY HOUSE An Addendum To This Mornings Video- An Explanation on the Reaping

No Mr. Founder of the Satanic Temple- My Local Police Did NOT Come to My Door Yesterday

Hey Mr. Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-Still Feel Like There Isn’t Any Accountability?

Something tells me you don’t. Lol As you can see- the debris field is coming straight at us. Science TRUMPS uneducated opinions. And opinions don’t dictate reality.

It Matters

Boebert is wrong- this ISN’T happening- but the Satanic Temple and it’s connection to insurectionists and fascists is what she and MTG are REALLY concerned about. A Response to David Pakman as to Why the Founder of the Satanic Temple Needs to be Scrutinized

Hey “Lucien Greaves”-Congrats on Coming Through On Your Threats. But Karma Can Be a REAL BITCH

I have NO doubt “Chief Handler” is Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple. He is mad because his involvement with Nazis and Qanon seems to coming out into the light. But Nazis and Satanists have ALWAYS historically run hand in hand with each other. Despite Doug’s assertions that […]

The Founder and Leader of the Satanic Temple Just Can’t Stop

Doug-As Much as I Appreciate You Begging Me to Stop- I’m Only Doing What I Was Trained to Do

  And it has ONLY BEGUN. Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-You Can SAVE Your Bribes, Coercion, and Threats Oh, and Doug- I’ve told you repeatedly the ONLY audience I care about is YOU AND YOUR HANDLERS. And I can tell that you all are suddenly starting to grasp the fact that I have been […]

New Email From My Local Sheriff

My local chief of police is in a mental facility and THIS guy is the one who helped them cover up their murder attempt of both me and my sister when they blew up that gas station in Earling. But whatever happens is gonna happen. My reply