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Judy Byington’s 22 Faces and the Art of Deception by “Dr. Phil”

Judy Byington has taken a lot of slack from Amazon trolls about her appearance on the “Dr.” Phil Show and I just wanted to point out that this guy has deceived and tried to decimate more than just her. I woke up to this on Facebook this morning- and have been given permission to post […]

Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Accused Me of “Running the Streets” As A Kid

Doug Mesner, in his article on the web about my “epic fail”, accused me of “running the streets” as a kid. Here is a picture of my hometown… Obviously he has not a fucking clue what he is talking about- and just talks his shit in order to try and trash me. I guess his […]

FOX Broadcasting Promotes Lucifer Seems America is in the devil’s pocket. Guess our form of Christianity has taken on another form altogether.

Introducing Critthink/Menagerie- One of the False Memory Amazon Trolls Who Attack Any Survivor Who Comes Forward

This is one of the main individuals who have spent years attacking me and other survivors on Amazon. If you go to not only my reviews- but esp. Judy Byington’s reviews on 22 Faces, this individual’s criticisms are riddled throughout. Full of ridicule and contempt for anyone who would come forward to talk about their […]

Regarding Noreen Gosch- Mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch- and the MSNBC Video “Missing Johnny” In the MSNBC show “Missing Johnny”, there is a clip of the three families together in a room. The other two sets of parents are shown first- crying. Their pain is almost palatable. Then they show John and Noreen. John leans over and says something to Noreen, and she laughs. This is in the […]

There are TWO Boystowns, One in Omaha and One in Australia- BOTH had the Same Sexual Abuse Issues Going On

What is amazing to me that the priest accused of abuse had the audacity to tell one of his victims to his face that he had “false memories”. It seems that this doesn’t go over well when said face to face to the victims. Funny how the “false memory” crap deals ONLY primarily with memories […]

According to What I Was Taught As a Child- 2015 is the Year

When I was a child, my “handlers” often spoke of the future and the upcoming war with Heaven that was suppose to take place. This was a time when the powers that be intended to subjugate mankind and take over the world, claiming it for themselves. For years many believed that 2012 was the date- […]

How Satanism Is Used as a Smoke and Mirrors Concerning Child Abuse

Satanic Panic is a phrase many of us are all too aware of. The minute we think of it, we dismiss is as a debunked conspiracy theory about hundreds of children nationwide and their parents who were under this mass delusion that children were being abused in their preschools by a bunch of “well-connected” people […]