How Satanism Is Used as a Smoke and Mirrors Concerning Child Abuse

Satanic Panic is a phrase many of us are all too aware of. The minute we think of it, we dismiss is as a debunked conspiracy theory about hundreds of children nationwide and their parents who were under this mass delusion that children were being abused in their preschools by a bunch of “well-connected” people who were using American children in a myriad of ways to make inordinate amounts of money for their personal gain. This all hit public scrutiny during the first Bush White House in the late 80’s early 90’s, and the phrase “satanic panic” was coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who claimed that all of these events were part of “false memories” , another phrase they coined at the same time, which were being put into the heads of children and their parents by unscrupulous therapists and over reaching law enforcement and it was their contention that America had become involved in some sort of nation wide mass hysteria witch hunt that had caused a bunch of children and their parents to conspire to take a bunch of day cares down. Of course many of the children’s accusations of being sold for sex at their day cares at the time were inundated with talk of satanic covens and devil worship , so it became quite a hoopla and was eventuality blamed on the people of our nation watching too much television and reading too many novels about such things.

Satanism, and the talk of Satanism, has- for three decades now, been used to dismiss what was happening during the time. The minute your bring up children being sold and raped under the guise of satanic ritual abuse you can see people’s eyes glaze over, thus they don’t hear about the parts that consist of child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and secret “mind control” projects where our leaders were torturing American children. It was during this time that some very wealthy men amassed a virtual fortune while everyone else was losing their shirts to the failed savings and loans that were crashing everywhere at the time. However, I believe that the Satanic aspect is included with all of this child exploitation on purpose, as a safeguard, knowing it could be used as a distraction to prevent the public from listening to the REAL stories of what was really going on at the time.

For thirty years now these claims have been dismissed by the use of the coined words “satanic panic” and “false memory” when the history of this, when looked at as a whole, seems like some sort of massive and aggressive media campaign in order to sway the American public into automatically dismissing the situation. However, Satanism was not involved with every victim’s story- although they all repeated sexual, physical, and psychological abuse ritually being administered by a large but concerted group of people. Still it was suggested that EACH AND EVERY ONE of the claims was wrapped up in mass hysteria of devil worshipers abusing children. One has to question why? I think it was an elaborate propaganda effort to quiet down and dismiss the fact that our children were being sold, tortured, used, and raped that resulted in making a small group of rich and well-connected people inordinately rich in the process. Men who had to be aware that if the devil worshiping aspect were in the mix, they could exploit it by using it to convince the public to immediately dismiss all of the claims while deflecting from the facts that secret illegal money making operations were happening on behest of our then President and the men who got him into office by secretly exploiting American children and the vibrant and healthy child sex trafficking operation that was suddenly blossoming, as well as using them in a well-known historically proven American government mind control torture experiment operation called MKUltra which was operating at the same time.

Yes, there is Satanism in my background, but for the longest time I thought it was just a scare tactic to keep the public in keeping their distance. People in Omaha talked,they still do, and considering how small the cow town of Omaha was back then, one can assume that it was pretty easy to get the gossip rolling. Devil worshipers and children sacrifice was so taboo that it was only spoken in hushed whispers or as topics of titillating private dinner conversation all over town. It wasn’t a secret although all anyone concerned themselves with was whether it was true or not. Omaha being as small as it was back then, everyone either knew of someone or had at least heard of the stories surrounding the satanic rituals in Hummel Park. All of the rest of the child sex and drug trafficking was lost in the focus as to whether there were really any baby eating Satan worshipers in Omaha. All of this hit the news in 1986, so it was well before the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and “satanic panic”. Even though many of the accusations were the same, Omaha’s events could not have, in any way, been effected by this so called “satanic panic” since it hadn’t occurred yet and wouldn’t for several years later. Actually, I believe the events that happened in Omaha was where the people involved in it all got the idea to focus the nation on outrageous and completely unbelievable stories of people eating babies while worshiping the Devil to deflect from the real truth of what was happening after discovering that it worked so well as a distraction before.

Did my abusers actually believe in Satan I cannot say. I know that I did and as a child I believed totally in everything they were doing. Children believe all sorts of things, but I haven’t found anyone who has experienced this type of abuse who wasn’t terrified into silence about their abuse because of it. It kept the children from talking and it made sure that if they did happen to talk they would never be believed. It has been incredibly effective in historically keeping all our nation’s history of child sex and drug trafficking quiet- simply by getting people to dismiss the situation from the very start. This was it’s main objective I believe and was the very reason why satanic ritual abuse was singularly pushed so hard by our government and their allies as a reason to dismiss the children’s claims of torture and rape.

Facts show that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was connected not only to the CIA but groups advocating pedophilia like the United States National Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Some of the main founding members were either embroiled with accusations of pedophilia with their own children or were publicly advocating sex with children in the media over seas. It was these very same people who coined the phrases “satanic panic” and “false memories”, both of which were used to invalidate the myriad of child victim’s claims of being horrifically abused in the public’s eye. Accusations that consisted of American children being auctioned, sold, tortured, and raped while at their day cares- (which, if you think about it- since the parents are usually working and therefore not around, presents an excellent and undeniable opportunity to do this kind of activity completely undiscovered.)

Satanic ritual abuse exists. Whether it is being directed by true believers in the devil or is actually a scare tactic to quiet the victims and distract the public, who knows. The thirty year history of the False Memory Foundation, however, shows that focusing solely on the satanic aspect of the claims has completely prevented any honest and real discourse on the fact that our nation’s, and world’s, problem with child sex trafficking which has reached epidemic proportions and it is this focus on our nation’s past history of the beginning of this problem that has been avoided, being solely focused on satanic ritual abuse, which has effectively prevented any discourse on the subject from happening publicly- even today. Whether or not they were true believers in Satan doesn’t matter and it doesn’t negate the fact that they used it as a way of deflecting and controlling the focus of public perception away from the truth that American children were being exploited for vast amounts of money. One thing that IS certain however in that it was my experience that all the men involved totally LOVED their money and all the money that was flowing from their illicit activities. They esp. loved the power that came as a result and were and, I believe, still are capable and willing of doing anything they need to keep their revenues pouring in. A public media war on the victims and their advocates was waged complete with claims of “satanic panic” and “false memories” used to discredit the children’s accusations and the use of every smoke and mirror tactic to distract from everything else that was venomously involved. And funny enough, it worked amazingly well and still does up to this day.

But my point is that Satanism wasn’t what it was really all about. It was way more about all the money that a group of men were making in the child sex and drug trafficking that was operating at the time. So when someone brings up something about satanic ritual abuse and find yourself instinctively rolling your eyes, you might want to consider that you are being controlled to do this and you might dig a little deeper in order to see it for what it really was/is- that being a extensive child sex and drug trafficking ring. Considering all of our troubles with human trafficking, esp. regarding children, and the billions that are being generated by a trade that is perniciously thriving today, it is logical to believe that this enterprise didn’t just suddenly descend out of nowhere and has had to have some serious time and effort involved into making it what it is today. When you consider this, what I have just said isn’t THAT so hard to believe. That is my opinion anyway.

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