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We Survivors Are Joining Together and Are Gaining Immeasurable Support

Despite the controlled opposition that is set against survivors in order to try and discredit us- our voices are finally gaining momentum as we have finally began to join forces in order to stop this deplorable practice of child trafficking. As a result we are gaining world wide support. The game for them has always […]

They Are Again Going After My Dogs in Hopes It Makes Me Drop

They know I am disabled with PTSD- and so they are hoping the stress over the fear of losing my dogs, in conjunction with their weapon, makes me drop. There is obvious evidence these weapons exist- and any one who Google my name can see there is a concerted effort to defame me in hopes […]

I Was Warned Years Ago What I Would Face If I Chose to Do What I Have

Years ago, at the very beginning of what I have spent years trying to expose, I was given a warning as to what I would face. I woke IN a dream with a friend of mine’s husband before me. I knew this man to be a pedophile and there was a blue beam emanating from […]

The Game is to Associate Child Abuse with Something That Can Be Discredited to Discredit It All

This is a new NBC article: How Three Conspiracy Theorists Took “Q” and Made Qanon The game is always the same – wrap the truth in a bunch of lies in order to discredit everything. But it is strange how similar Qanon works compared to Pokémon Go- that video game that enthralled the world. […]

“They” Don’t Like Me Talking About the Mold They Are Using in Conjunction With Their DEW Weapons

They dislike me speaking about the weird metallic mold they use with their DEW weapons. It amplified their weapon- and I found it both on the top of my bedroom air conditioning vents and on cement pieces planted in my yard on 12 pieces surrounding my house. This is important. A year ago last March […]

They Seem to Be Using Controlled Opposition Against Lift the Veil Concerning Targeted Individuals

Nathan took this video down right after it was filmed largely due to an online confrontation between the two of us where I told him they were sending him controlled opposition in order to discredit Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and in the process- him as well. However- he put it back up and I am glad […]

So How Can Anyone Reconcile This Video with the Issac Kappy That is Supposed to be the New “Champion” for Children?

People have asked Issac Kappy- this new found “Champion” for Children regarding abuse to contact me but he has refused- claiming he is too busy. But this link is why I have NEVER trusted him- regardless of how many want to follow him into the aybss. He is NO HERO. He is just another psych […]

Using Their Directed Energy Weapons on Me- They Are Trying to Quiet Me About My Family’s Involvement With Child Trafficking

Here is a list of the laws around the world- including Maine, Michigan, and Massachusetts, against using directed energy weapons. This link was found by a simple Google search and yet when they were used in the U.S. Cuban and China embassies – our media reported as if they were attacked by magic. They […]

Why I Believe This Situation With My Dogs Is a Set Up

This was the anonymous complaint made against my dogs: Yet the Sherriff’s dept told me they had never recieved even ONE complaint about my dogs. EVER. I don’t leave my windows open when I am not here due to the break ins I have had. And I don’t let them obsessively bark when I AM […]

My Lawyer Sent Me THIS Article About Earling’s Town Attorney So I am facing someone who many in Iowa think is corrupt. Yeah- this isn’t a set up at all… Now I am beginning to understand why God put me in this situation. More darkness to expose. Chances are Doug Mesner didn’t have to work that hard to set this up. Greed can get […]