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They Seem to Be Using Controlled Opposition Against Lift the Veil Concerning Targeted Individuals

Nathan took this video down right after it was filmed largely due to an online confrontation between the two of us where I told him they were sending him controlled opposition in order to discredit Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and in the process- him as well. However- he put it back up and I am glad […]

More of Hoaxtead Research’s Bullshit

If there is no such thing as gang stalking- according to Hoaxtead Research- what do you call what happened to Pat Goodwin and I on Amazon as we were attacked by their wolf packs HOUR UPON HOUR- FOR YEARS? And all of their videos of me- what do you call that? And all of their […]

Targeted Individuals as Perps

This past Sunday- while my ex roommate James Lico new roommate was over here “mending bridges” with me- James Lico was instant messaging my older sister on Facebook- giving her a link to click on so that she could listen to Renata Murray’s Sunday Talkshoe show. Funny- James Lico has written a lot of disparaging […]