More of Hoaxtead Research’s Bullshit

If there is no such thing as gang stalking- according to Hoaxtead Research- what do you call what happened to Pat Goodwin and I on Amazon as we were attacked by their wolf packs HOUR UPON HOUR- FOR YEARS? And all of their videos of me- what do you call that? And all of their articles? What do you call that? And by their OWN ADMISSION in their comments on their articles- they are ACTIVELY- AS A GROUP- harassing the shit out out of people.

And they are ALL OVER social media trying to trash me- so do you REALLY BELIEVE they aren’t doing this IN REAL LIFE as well?

If so- I am curious. How the fuck did you reach THAT conclusion?

And all this started because I went to the police and told them my family was abducting and killing children.

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