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A Word to Hoaxtead

I don’t think the police are watching your pathetic videos any more than I do. And although you all dance around like Rumpelstiltskin, I am pretty sure the police can figure out who the fuck you are. And I can assure you, with all of the stalking and threats- they ARE looking into your stupid […]

Doug Mesner/ CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves Talks About Gang Stalking- So Let Us Do Just That

So let’s talk about a real life case that Mesner is involved with. The murder of Lori King. This conversation was screen shot dirctly from YouTube… So by Bartha’s own admission, they STALKED Lori King until she ended up dead in one of their homes… (Amber Vollotton aka Menagerie aka Critthink). So yeah, gang stalking […]