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More of Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka CIA Satanist Lucien Greave aka Justin Sanity’s Bullshit

His latest post on Hoaxtead Research is below. So my issues with his bs? So the Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t exist? Because even ADULTS can suffer from this. As we saw with Patty Herst. And an abused child doesn’t become hypersensitive to their enviroment? Because any social worker or child care provider can discredit this load […]

Nick Bryant- author of “Franklin Scandal” is a Shill Working for Omaha

So people are running with Bryant- who NEVER lived in Omaha and only “investigated” Omaha for three years- but people are claiming HE is the expert. But he is a liar- like the rest of them. I LIVED there- and actually had to DEAL with the people involved- but I am dismissed. Why? Because my […]