Nick Bryant- author of “Franklin Scandal” is a Shill Working for Omaha

So people are running with Bryant- who NEVER lived in Omaha and only “investigated” Omaha for three years- but people are claiming HE is the expert. But he is a liar- like the rest of them.

I LIVED there- and actually had to DEAL with the people involved- but I am dismissed. Why? Because my truth doesn’t fit the narrative they want to run with.

Does Bryant deal with the Old Market? The Hollywood bar or the Stagedoor? Hummel Park? Forest lawn? Alan Baer’s house? NO- HE DOESN’T.

His book is nothing more than a watered down regurgitated version of John DeCamp’s BOOK- and DeCamp HIMSELF was a bad guy…

So go ahead- run with Bryant- and in 30+ MORE years, when this shit is STILL a secret- remember that I told you so…

Your hero worship is helping to get myriads of children murdered- and that is MOST DEFINITELY on YOU.

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