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Light therapy brings back dark memories : News Report on KETV on EMDR

There Are Games Afoot- The Baby Eatting Castlewood Case and Elizabeth Loftus and Her Pedophile Protection Sqaud’s Crusade Against Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces

This last week at Sundance Utah was very eyeopening in so many ways and I wanted to explain all that I have figured out in this mess concerning Dissociative Identity Disorder, severe ritual trauma, MKUltra governmental mind control along with satanic ritualistic abuse and this group of crusaders who say that to go after pedophiles […]

MKUltra Trigger Video- Please- If you are a Survivor of Any Kind- Be Warned this Video is HIGHLY triggering (And I am not saying that lightly by any means)

I was sent this video a couple days back by a friend who wanted to know what I thought of it- and my impression is that someone who KNEW what they were doing made this video in order to trigger survivors. In fact- this video is so bad that I think that it could easily […]

Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces, and Her Crusade to Expose CIA Mindcontrol

I have been spending this week in Utah and had a great time with Judy yesterday as we met with a senator who is interested in trying to expose the CIA mind control program. In fact, several of us are working with several of our senators to try and confront these programs that have a […]

More Media Spin on the Oakland Child Killing Case in Michigan

First off- I think that the four children murdered in Oakland, MI were part of an attempt to deflect what was going on in Omaha, NE at the time concerning child killings and abductions here. As I have said before- my father was from Michigan, was a pilot, had a plane, and regularly flew up […]

National Academies To Release Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking Report

National Academies To Release Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking Report On September 25, 2013, at 1 p.m. ET, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council’s Committee on Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States will release their OJJDP-sponsored report “Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking in the […]

Thoughts on the Tribulation

There is a lot of talk about these being the “end times” and because of my upbringing and my training, I am commonly asked my take on everything that is happening around us, and so I wanted to take a minute and explain what it is that I believe, if only to offer some comfort […]

New Article about Mind Control Survivor’s- Please Consider Signing the Petition to Try and Get This Out

This is an article in the Examiner by Judy Byington talking about mind control survivors. Please consider clicking on the link below and signing your name to the petition to have Congress look into the our governments role in mind control and CIA abuses.

New Media Promotion of Elizabeth Loftus and Her Controversial False Memory Claims And one wonders if they are really promoting all of this in the media. Yes they are- and vehemently attacking anyone who would disagree with their findings that ritual abuse and Satanic ritual abuse exists.

Why Does the False Memory PP Squad Have A Direct Line Into Amazon by way of Megan A. ?

It is interesting to me- and seems incredibly unfair- that the dissenters of Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces have a DIRECT LINE into Amazon by way of some Megan A. – who, now as a company, has shown not only to be complacent in the intimidation and harassment of it’s author’s and their supporters but […]