MKUltra Trigger Video- Please- If you are a Survivor of Any Kind- Be Warned this Video is HIGHLY triggering (And I am not saying that lightly by any means)

I was sent this video a couple days back by a friend who wanted to know what I thought of it- and my impression is that someone who KNEW what they were doing made this video in order to trigger survivors. In fact- this video is so bad that I think that it could easily push people over the edge who have not yet overcome the training that many of us received as children. I am only posting this video because I think it is important that those who have little understanding of the MKUltra training to understand. THIS VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED FOR SURVIVORS OR ANYONE WHO HAS DID OR POST TRAUMATIC. I consider myself somewhat immune to the triggers of my past and yet this video caused so much anxiety in me that I ended up sleeping all day yesterday (I watched it yesterday morning). It is incredibly disturbing- and for those who have a past with all of this- I think that it is incredibly important that you consider NOT watching this video, as it is highly HIGHLY triggering. Even today I am having a hard time shaking off what I saw yesterday.

Personally- considering that survivor’s are coming out in droves and telling their stories- I think this video was designed to prevent or at least highly discourage coming out by reminding us just how bad our training was. Even those who have NOT had any experience with MKUltra find this video incredibly disturbing, and it could easily throw someone who is vulnerable over the edge. Part of me thinks that it is highly inappropriate to share this video with others- but I think that someone who KNEW about the program made this video- and it, like nothing I have seen before, depicts the training better than any other video I have seen. Allowing an individual to experience first hand what we went through- it gives the common man a better idea of mind control than any other video I have seen. Therefore I think that it is important to share this video. I did not put up the YouTube link on purpose- as the beginning is INCREDIBLY triggering and I thought that a simple link was more appropriate.

Again – please handle with care. This video was intended, in my opinion, to scare survivors back into hiding-and I must do everything I can to prevent this. However, as I have said- this video is good to educate those who have no idea what we went through as kids.

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