Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces, and Her Crusade to Expose CIA Mindcontrol

I have been spending this week in Utah and had a great time with Judy yesterday as we met with a senator who is interested in trying to expose the CIA mind control program. In fact, several of us are working with several of our senators to try and confront these programs that have a history of running in complete secrecy. Not as if I needed it- but spending time with Judy gave me even more respect for the woman- and I found her to be dedicated in her need to help prevent children from going through these programs.

Dissociative identity disorder is part of the CIA mind control program- and the fact is that after the age of seven it is impossible to get a person’s personality structure to break apart like what happened with Jenny Hill- who Byington writes about, myself, and many others. That is why we are convinced that this program is not only still going on- but that myriads of children are being used in this way to develop secret spies and assassins, as well as sex slaves and such. Another word for this is CHILD SOLDIERING, as the victims of this are expected to be accessed by our government officials that are involved with this project.

I was very uplifted to find that there are so many out there who are not only interested in this project- but are also determined to stop it- and that is what I found talking to a US Senator yesterday. This person- as all who are working on this- will remain nameless in order to keep the backlash from hitting them before they have time to inform themselves of this situation. I am incredibly proud and honored to be working with Judy Byington in this capacity.

The secret CIA mind control projects MUST be exposed in order to stop it from continuing and ruining other children’s lives. Please, if you can- take a minute and sign the Change.Org petition to stop this from occurring in our society and others.


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