More Media Spin on the Oakland Child Killing Case in Michigan

First off- I think that the four children murdered in Oakland, MI were part of an attempt to deflect what was going on in Omaha, NE at the time concerning child killings and abductions here. As I have said before- my father was from Michigan, was a pilot, had a plane, and regularly flew up there to see his “Uncle Phil”, which whom was the man that indoctrinated my father into the cult. These killings happened around the same time that my family was discovered by a man who was in search of his daughter whom we consequently murdered.

As far as this article below goes- it is fraught with errors. Like “Mark Stebbins was 12 when he was abducted in Ferndale on February 15, 1976. His body was found nearly a year later.” when actually he was found four days later- not a year after. Considering Michigan is a hotbed of cult activity and has a long history of survivor’s coming forward- like Cathy O’Brien years ago, it is my contention that the groups up in Michigan were working with my father and his friends down here in order to deflect attention from Omaha at the time. That is why those children were found displayed as they were. The fact that they were found in one of the most wooded states in the country is telling all in of itself.

This case- like the one here in Omaha- has GONE NOWHERE, and officials- despite what they are told, generally just spin their wheels and waste everyone’s time. It does not help that our national media promotes the deflection with poorly researched articles like the one below.

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