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Hmmmmm- Things Ended Up Missing In This Conversation with Satanic Temple’s Founder Lucien Greaves

Funny- I published this conversation in complete but now I notice every one of Doug Mesner’s replies (aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple) is missing so I reloaded the conversation in it’s entirety again.

“They” Want You To Think They are In Control But They Aren’t- Heaven Is

Yes, they have their weapons. Which they are using on me to make my life a living hell. Live under attack with their microwave weapons and you’ll understand what I’m saying. But as much as they attack me- I’ll never be an Aaron Alexis- known as the shipyard shooter- who carved “E.L.F.” on his shotgun […]

Just So We’re Clear

First in Heaven, then on Earth. Those of you watching me with evil intent, (and you know who you are), in order to rectify what’s happening now- you’d have to change what’s happened in Heaven first. You haven’t obsessively stalked me for years, all the while trashing me to anyone and everyone you can, because […]