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Some Thoughts on Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Group of Young People on Amazon that Claim it Isn’t Real

It has recently occurred to me that most of the group I have been arguing with on Amazon are mere children- who have no idea what it was like in the past. Comparing the reporting of childhood abuse of the past to what it is today- they go on and on about those who have […]

Some Thoughts on the Bohemian Grove

Doug Mesner aka satanist Lucien Greaves, will go on and on about satanism- much like this new article on his site, but what is interesting is that the problem with Bohemian Grove is not the satanism that is practiced there but rather it is a place where national and social policy is determined by […]

Stories from Pedophile Hollywood

Gordon on Amazon Says Pedophilia is not a Crime- Claiming it is Okay Pedophilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and people wonder why I call them the pedophile protection squad. Lusting after children is not a sexual orientation but rather a serious dysfunction- and most therapists dont believe that pedophiles are curable. Gordon makes a perfect example of someone who fights for […]

The Real Problem With Survivor Communities

I have been involved with survivor communities for some time now- and it is my estimation that the False Memory group is the least of their problems. The biggest problem in the survivor community is that you have boards and groups like Ivory Garden, Infinite Minds, SMART, and Survivorship all trying to be number one […]

My EX roommate Found a New Place to Live

With Felicity Lee. May they both find the peace and prosperity they are both seeking in life.

Wonder Why Rich and Powerful Pedophiles Get Away With Having Sex with Kids

You only need to read the comments under the TMZ article to see why this happens. Just like the False Memory PP Squad- naming names gets equated with bringing the Salem Witch Trials back. If they were poor smucks- no one would care- but when you say that the rich and powerful are involved with […]

Removing Myself From the Victim Communities

It has become my impression that those who are in the SRA communities and the Targeted Individual community- who my sis calls the Totally Insane community- are composed of a group of people who seem to want to wear their victimization as some sort of badge of honor- and I have grown weary of this […]

Because of Him

Last night I was baptized and today- this Easter- I accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. Easter was my mother’s favorite holiday and now it has also become mine. Thanks Elder Tibbitts and Brother McDonald for sticking with me these past five months and struggling with me as I struggled to truly embrace the […]

A New Perspective Regarding the Survivor Community and the Targeted Individual Community

For years I have done what I could to help both communities. I have endured death threats, ridicule, stalking, attacks, and in the end- I sacrificed my 20 year relationship over situations I felt I had a need by God to protect. My friends, my family- and those who actually know me have all asked […]