Wonder Why Rich and Powerful Pedophiles Get Away With Having Sex with Kids

You only need to read the comments under the TMZ article to see why this happens. Just like the False Memory PP Squad- naming names gets equated with bringing the Salem Witch Trials back. If they were poor smucks- no one would care- but when you say that the rich and powerful are involved with pedophile rings- the dander rises with everyone who wants to BE rich and powerful and suddenly the victims of abuse are called liars- looking for money and attention.

This world is basically sick- and the people in it are heartless bastards who aren’t worth the air they breathe. Pedophile rings ARE run by the rich and powerful many times- and they are the ones who can afford to influence and buy the opinions around them. And funny- all of the accused- by me in my life- and Michael Egan in his life- are ALL MEN. WHEN WERE ANY MEN CALLED WITCHES IN THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS? There weren’t – they were all midwives and female. So equating the two is ridiculous.


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