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Who Is Chuck Maury and Why Is the Founder of the Satanic Temple So Invested with Cases of Abducted Children?

And here are the emails… And here are emails saying he is no longer John Kilrush (which is an obvious lie considering yesterdays emails) and him throwing Emily Thorn under the bus…

My Dad and the Abduction and Murder of Ricky Chaddick

The Easiest and Most Efficient Way For Trump to Solve His Legal Troubles Is to Take America Into War

Just Because Trump Is Full of Crap DOESN’T Mean That the Deep State Doesn’t Exist

One does NOT negate the other- and who do you think is behind all of this child trafficking?

VeteransToday Verifies Microwave Weapons

NOW Our China Embassy is Experiencing What Our Cuban Embassy Experienced

And the documentation I speak about… Proof These Directed Energy Weapons Exist

My Dad and the Abduction of Johnny Gosch

Getting back to basics…

A List of Facts Concerning Myself Trying to Get My Family Investigated for Child Trafficking

This group that is all over talking dirt on me- using minute clips of longer videos of mine in order to distort what I am saying- who all are anonymous and trollish in their attacks- will do whatever they can to prevent people from listening to me- so let me break down what I have […]

“Emily Thorn” and “John Kilrush’s” Public Campaign Against Me Shows That I am a Threat to Them Concerning My Parent’s Involvement with Child Trafficking

This public campaign that is being waged against me by “Emily Thorn” and “John Kilrush” is almost identical to what the Russian’s supposedly did with the 2016 election- and it is being done to prevent anyone from investigating my parent’s involvement with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. However- if I am such a […]

NBC News Reports State Dept Covered Up Allegations of Child Trafficking